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Introducing Celestine™. GLEAUX® has produced the world’s first autoluminescent (autonomously light producing) plants based on the work of molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Krichevsky. Convinced that glowing plants will be a striking horticultural innovation that could lead to cleaner and more sustainable light, Dr. Krichevsky set out to turn his vision to reality. The reality is finally here for you to take home today. GLEAUX® is the world’s first creator of autonomously glowing plants and flowers designed to trascend your home or office into a glowing fantasy world. Order the second generation of the industry-leading Starlight Avatar: Celestine™.

The Original

Often imitated, never duplicated. We are the inventors of the original autoluminescent plant. We are the first company to create and offer beautiful and sustainable plant-based light sources. With numerous patents issued and pending, our products are the industry’s only genuine glowing plants and flowers. Scientifically genius, beautifully bioluminescent — Gleaux®.

Gleaux®’s flagship product, the Celestine™, is now available to order. To purchase your Celestine™ online, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in Gleaux®! For general inquiries as well as press/media inquiries, please contact us at hello@gleaux.us or (504) 264-1516.

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